Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing in Bournemouth

UI/UX Website Design 2022

Web Design, SEO & Digital Marketing

I am a freelance web designer based in Bournemouth Dorset with a passion for digital interface design and online marketing.  I utilise the leading development platforms and tools to generate traffic and increase brand awareness. 

My approach to design combines modern ideas and creative imagination to produce relevant engaging user experiences.


Website Design

Web Design

Modern, professional and clean website design to propel your business exactly where it needs to be. Capture you visitors attention with outstanding web design.



Search Engine Optimisation


Setting up and tweaking your website SEO takes time, so do not expect miracles overnight here. The aim is to gain new visitors from organic traffic finding your business through keywords used by users of search engines like Google. 



Online Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Harness the power of social media advertising and pay per click advertising to attract new customers who are interested in your products and services through targeted digital marketing campaigns.



My Process

How I Work

Based in Bournemouth I provide website solutions for companies trying to get ahead online in 2022. Unlike a website design agency I work alone which enables me to keep my prices affordable without compromising standards.  This also means I am the one who take’s the project brief, do the research, design all concepts and deliver the end results by myself. 

Projects that support small businesses and build services that strengthen the local community are my passion. To help realise these goals I offer competitive rates, building in discounts as we establish longer term objectives.

Below are some of the tools and technologies I use to bring businesses to life.