Print design


dzine business cards
dzine business cards

Print Design can be considered as a branch of Graphic Design. Print Design starts its process by composing the ‘text and image’ on a paper art-board and ends the process by producing print ready artwork files for professional printing. The final products will be posters, books, magazines, leaflets, postcards and many printed materials on paper or boards.

Occasionally a print design will be ended as a fabric banner, tin plate or a wooden panel.

In print design, the designer is responsible to design the content from the first pencil sketch to print ready artwork file. Additionally, we coordinate with the printer and supervise the special requirement during printing.

I offer sound knowledge of print formats, page planning, professional printing methods, the printing process, paper and other materials, post-print value additions.


Below is a selection of products I offer, If you don’t see what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to get in touch.